Veterans Networking Conference 2012

Date - Wednesday 19th September 2012

Venue - The Weston Homes Community Stadium (visit their website here)

Building on the hugely successful conference in October 2011, the NEVMHN hosted a sceond conference in 19th September 2012 generously hosted by Weston Homes Community Stadium

 Conference focus

The conference focussed on two main areas; firstly to promote veterans welfare, emotional health & wellbeing and the support that exists within the wider community. Secondly, to provide clinical service updates and promote the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust Veterans First service. 

The keynote speaker was Brig Robin Cordell, Head of Medical Strategy & Policy who spoke about mental health and the Military.

Presentations followed from:

Dr Lucy Abrahams, Veterans First Point, Edinburgh

Capt Neil Kitchiner, All Wales Veterans MH & Wellbeing Services

Dr Walter Busutill, Medical Director at Combat Stress

Inspector Nicola Burston, Essex Police

Dr Annabel Kerr, a local GP

Simon Ferrier, Royal British Legion

A serving Corporal in the TA gave his story followed by a veteran from serving in Afghanistan.

The closing address was made by Dr Rob Jayne, Commissioning Development, NHS Midlands and East